Secure Personal Identity in Pictures

What we do

PiktID offers an innovative and automatic tool, fostering the development of AI-based solutions to protect sensitive image data. Our tool achieves that through a seamless replacement of faces in images with new, artificially generated ones without affecting the quality of the original picture. Doing so, we provide privacy for individuals who did not give consent to the usage of images including their personal data. Furthermore, we significantly reduce the overhead for companies required to comply with the GDPR.



The short answer

  • AI-based process to anonymize faces
  • Preserved image quality and visual experience
  • One-click solution, no time waste for users


Problems we solve


  • visual quality degradation after manual cancellation of faces (overlaying emoticons, black boxes or blur…)
  • time consuming process


  • use of pictures including personal data is regulated by law
  • automatic face recognition and tracking of identities (religion, gender, medical data, etc.)

Use case

Marketing and advertising

  • reuse images multiple times with varied gender, age or ethnicity
  • edit face emotions, injecting the perfect gaze to capture the market