AI face anonymizer for advertising and privacy protection

AI face anonymizer for advertising and privacy protection

AI face anonymizer for advertising and privacy protection

Two different versions of AI-generated faces for a couple selfie with various looks and expressions to be replaced in the original picture.

EraseID’s AI face anonymizer crafts fresh identities from images, emphasizing authenticity and privacy. Seamlessly fine-tune expressions, ethnicity, or age to align with your campaign.

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AI-based face editing and anonymization

Face Replacement

Protect privacy by replacing identities in pictures.

logo sketching a person fragmented in pixels to visualize the generative ai power

Identity Generation

Generate unique models with the help of AI.

AI Face Editing

Edit face features, origin, age & hair style.

Consistent Identity

Craft customized model personas for your brand.

Why Choose EraseID?

Save time

Avoid endless scrolling through stock photos.

Save money

Stop hiring various models for photo shoots.

Save effort

Transition into the new era of generative AI.

EraseID - Made With Love For

Marketing Professionals

Tailored Imagery for Global Outreach:

  • Use AI-edited photos without model release
  • Adapt models for targeted campaigns worldwide
  • Retarget visuals for specific groups

Privacy Protectors

AI-Powered Image Anonymization:

  • Keep visual aesthetics while ensuring privacy
  • Always stay GDPR compliant
  • Transition from blurring to AI face anonymization


Amplify Your Image Assets:

  • Broaden your stock photo spectrum
  • High-resolution AI generative fill for face replacement
  • Evade model release requirements


AI-Assisted Model Editing:

  • Revamp portraits with AI created faces
  • Diversify your visual collection
  • Modify faces to match client specifications

Graphic Designers

Fuel Creativity with AI-Generated Faces:

  • Swift AI-powered face retouches
  • Dive into a library of unique facial expressions
  • Expedite your design processes

Educational Institutions

Prioritizing Students’ Privacy:

  • Capture school life
  • Adhere to GDPR guidelines
  • Worry-free use of photos
Integrate PiktID APIs to use the AI-face generator inside your application and change models according to your needs.

INTEGRATE our tool with secure and scalable APIs

Incorporate the PiktID´s APIs for advanced creative capabilities. Add diversity, and GDPR compliance. It’s user-friendly and supports multiple languages.


AI face anonymizer

AI Hairstyle generator

Discover Similar Images easily

Using vector search our tool lets you find images like the one you have, making it simple to explore related visuals. Whether you want variations or similar content, our system helps you find the right pictures effortlessly.

Enhanced Visual Insight: Embedding-based Image Comparison

Using advanced embeddings, especially in face recognition and comparison, our platform facilitates accurate image comparisons. Users can easily identify visual similarities and differences, leading to a deeper understanding and exploration of images.

Smart Auto-Tagging with Object Detection

Our auto-tagging software is clever – it can identify objects in images and pinpoint their exact locations. This accuracy allows it to provide detailed descriptions, improving organization and user experience.

Unlock the power of visual content with our photo tagging software. Wave goodbye to manual image tagging work and captioning of images. TagID transforms the way you manage and optimize your visual assets.

How It Works


Upload your product photo and let our AI software swiftly clear the background.

Adjust preferences:

Adjust the setting to suit your audience’s tastes.

Generate Background:

Select from pre-designed scenes or describe a custom background to align with your vision and brand.

Edit & Fill:

Mask areas and use AI to seamlessly generate and fill details. Adjust your image to perfection.


Use our API to incorporate ProductID into your existing platforms.

Secure Cloud Storage:

Access your product images anytime, anywhere with our safe storage solution.

Quickly elevate your image management with ProductID – Upload, generate background, customize, and retrieve effortlessly.

About us

Welcome to PiktID, the go-to platform for all your visual content needs. Our diverse range of products includes:


An AI image description generator for easy image tagging.

logo sketching a person fragmented in pixels to visualize the generative ai power


A technology solution focused on face anonymization and editing.


An AI photo enhancer for precise image upscaling.


Elevate your product photography with AI-generated backgrounds.

Ready to revolutionize your visual content? Dive into our homepage for a full tour of game-changing solutions!

AI-powered face anonymization and editing.


Can I freely post images with people on social media?

Posting images with people on social media without their consent could violate their privacy rights. It’s essential to always respect individuals’ rights and interests. If you’re considering sharing pictures, the best approach is to obtain explicit consent or have them sign a release form. An excellent alternative to ensure privacy is to anonymize depicted individuals using EraseID. Always prioritize people’s privacy and rights when disseminating images online.

What should I modify to remove personal identities from images?

Pursuant to Art. 4(1) of the GDPR, personal data is data relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, whereby identifiability is deemed to exist if the information is not sufficient in itself to assign it to a specific person, but this is possible as soon as the information is linked to other information – for example, publicly accessible sources such as social media. Image data qualifies as personal data (cf. Art. 4 No. 1 GDPR) if a person depicted on it is recognizable” in the sense that it can be individualized, irrespective of mere data identity. Therefore, the individual characteristics of a person depicted – such as a conspicuous item of clothing worn in a certain context – may be sufficient to make him or her recognizable. Therefore, not every type of image processing is suitable to eliminate the recognizability of a depicted person. In the case of pseudonymized data, the reference to the person can be re-established. The decisive factor is that legally permissible, reasonably applicable means are available, by which is meant a reasonable or not unusual investigation effort. In the case of anonymized data, this is difficult for the person responsible to handle with reasonable effort.

Do I only need image copyrights for commercial use, or also personal rights?

Anonymizing an image means that the identifiable features of the individuals in the image have been removed or obscured to the point where they cannot be identified. While this may make it less likely for the individuals to be recognized, it does not necessarily eliminate the need for consent for commercial use. Even if an individual is not identifiable in an image, they still have certain rights to control the use of their likeness, such as the right of publicity or personality rights. In some cases, the law may recognize these rights even when the identity is removed, as it is the use of their likeness that is being commercialized, not just their identity.

What is a model release?

A model release is a legal document that allows for the commercial use of an individual’s image. It provides legal protection and helps ensure compliance with laws and regulations such as GDPR. The release specifies usage rights, permissions, and provides identification and contact information. Obtaining the release is crucial for commercial photography and advertising. An alternative solution is to anonymize photos using a tool like EraseID, which can effectively replace real models with artificial, realistic ones.

Can a generated face look like an existing person? 

Our model produces diverse, bias-free synthetic identities. Given the model’s vast parameter range, the chance of replicating an existing human’s identity is almost nil. While a generated face might have a slim chance of resembling a real person, users should evaluate each similarity individually.

What types of images can I upload?

You can upload JPG or PNG images up to 50 megabytes and a maximum resolution of 7,000 x 7,000 pixels. For higher resolutions or sizes, please contact our office to unlock this option.

How does the anonymization work?

De-identification makes personal data untraceable to individuals. EraseID detects and replaces faces and haircuts with algorithmically generated ones. Effective anonymization might bypass explicit GDPR consent. However, EraseID’s users must know and follow all relevant data protection laws.

Do you store my images in the Web application?

We store your generated photos safely on third-party servers in the European Union. We keep them for 24 hours, unless you choose to retain them longer.

What is the API for?

The API allows you to integrate EraseID software into your website, app, or workflow. It’s a simple HTTP-based interface with various options.