Hyper-realistic faces - EraseID update

We are proud to present you with the latest update of EraseID, which enables to create hyper-realistic faces in your visual content. This update is a significant leap forward, offering the ability to edit faces in your photos while keeping their original identity, as well as enhancing the generation of hyper-realistic AI faces with unparalleled detail, lifelike skin textures, and perfectly balanced lighting.

Edit faces in your images with EraseID

Ever captured a moment where the expressions didn’t quite match the mood? With our KEEP IDENTITY feature, you can now subtly adjust these expressions in your personal photos to better reflect the joy, surprise, or love of the moment. EraseID preserves the authenticity of your memories and the essence of each individual, enhancing the natural expressions without altering their true identity.

In advertising, the right expression is key. EraseID now enables you to fine-tune the emotions on faces in your ads to align seamlessly with your campaign’s narrative. Whether it’s a comforting smile or a determined gaze, KEEP IDENTITY offers the flexibility to refine expressions, ensuring they resonate with your audience and amplify your story’s impact.

Improved realism and facial details, enhanced skin texture and much more

Face Realism: Our characters now showcase unmatched realism with deeper expressions and more detailed features that closely echo human emotions. This enhancement infuses our digital characters with a lifelike essence, narrowing the gap between virtual and reality, and enriching user experiences with characters that truly mirror the complexity and subtlety of real human interaction.

Improved Skin Textures: In response to your valuable feedback on overly perfect skin appearances, we’ve significantly refined our advanced skin texture technology. Our models include now more realistic and natural details such as wrinkles, freckles, and subtle blemishes, greatly enriching their authenticity and individual character.

Enhanced Attention to Detail: We’ve further reduced artifacts in generated faces, minimizing the need for adjustments with EraseID’s Mask editor. Our refined algorithms ensure the precise rendering of every detail, reflecting our commitment to high-quality digital creations. This increased precision contributes to faster content production, streamlining your creative workflow.

Refined Lighting: Some users with a keen eye for details have commended EraseID for its ability to replicate the original image’s lighting conditions. Taking this feedback into account and recognizing the importance, we’ve dedicated additional efforts to enhance its consistency. These advancements ensure that lighting remains natural and uniform significantly enhancing the realism of each portrait.

Discover the hyper-realistic faces and new features of EraseID yourself

Thank you for the feedback that enabled these updates. We’re excited for you to experience the enhanced realism and authenticity in your AI-generated portraits. Share your thoughts and unlock EraseID’s full potential by becoming a premium user.