Character AI persona generator for your images

Choose a unique persona for your brand: Imagine replacing real models in your images with a character AI persona. EraseID offers a unique blend of creativity and innovation, allowing you to transform your marketing visuals with dynamic, AI-generated characters that truly resonate with your brand’s story.

A picture of a smiling woman, for who a new identity has been generated and used in different poses, expressions, looks and hairstyles with EraseID.

Face to the Story – Brand Ambassador: Transform a single photo shoot into a diverse cast of characters with our character AI persona generator. This tool lets you blend any model into your images, offering you creative freedom and consistency in storytelling. It’s an innovative way to enhance your brand’s identity, making your marketing visuals more relatable and engaging.

Costly and Time-Intensive Campaigns:  If you’ve ever felt the pinch of hiring models and organizing costly photoshoots, you’re not alone. The expenses and time involved can be overwhelming, especially on a tight budget. That’s where a character AI persona generator can be a game-changer, helping you cut costs and save valuable time.

Use Your Own Photos, Not Generated Ones: Understanding the value of authenticity in advertising is crucial. Our character AI persona generator allows you to utilize your own image materials, showcasing your products, relevant locations, or overall design in a genuine context. This method ensures that your content remains authentic and relatable, while still leveraging the innovative capabilities of AI-enhanced characters.

Generated Character AI Persona for Each Market: When you’re addressing different markets, cultural relevance is key. With our character AI persona generator, you can create unique, localized models for markets like Germany, Egypt, or Japan. This feature allows you to maintain a consistent yet culturally attuned presence across various regions.

Create your own AI influencers

The integration of AI in marketing is a game changer. As you explore the possibilities of a character AI persona generator, you’ll find new ways to create engaging, inclusive content efficiently. It’s not just about cutting costs; it’s about opening up a world of creative possibilities for your brand’s digital narrative. Here’s how you can generate your own unique brand ambassador with EraseID:

  1. Upload your image, generate your unique model & and store the identity
  1. Apply your stored identity to any image. Choose “Consistent identity” mode, select your stored identity and click on “New face”

Ready to create a unique character AI persona for your brand?

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